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Laura Scholes

& everything-doer

Laura started The 24-Hour Site after writing about a gajillion sites for people with her other company, Story House Creative. She realized she loved, loved, loved working with clients on the whole kit-and-kaboodle: getting a client's brand nailed down, writing all the copy, and then building them a Squarespace site.  What she didn't love so much was the weeks and months of back-and-forth that it took to get to launch. She added up all the actual work hours and realized it didn't need to take that long to get a site up. So she figured out  a process to make site-building as easy and awesome and quick as possible. She's never been happier.


Sue Wallis Williams


Sue is a bona fide Squarespace guru who can fix any issue and just generally makes everything prettier. She loves problem solving, designing, training, and working with motivated business owners who believe in what they do.