Here's how it works

Like every other project you've ever done—painting a room, building a bookshelf, planting a garden—preparation is the key to success for getting your site done in 24 hours.

You need to:
•have a clear vision and solid goals for your business.
   •know the products or services you're selling intimately.
   •be FIRED UP and READY TO GO!

To make sure you're ready, we'll send you a checklist of everything you need, including our famous
Mojo-Making Brand Questionnaire to help us make your content shine. 


How your site-building day will go

Your site-building day starts with a 1.5-hour Kickoff Call to go through all of your materials and dig deeper into your company's unique story. Then we're off to the races. We'll need to you to be available by phone, text, and/or email that whole day to make sure questions are answered quickly and site review is speedy.

Here's a snapshot of how a typical day goes (all times Pacific); we'll send you more details once you’re in:

We have 1.5-hour Kickoff Call and you receive your homepage for review

You send back notes on home page then receive the revised homepage and the rest of the site’s content

One more call to go through the site live and review all requested changes; sign off on the final content. 
You'll receive a link to review all revisions and communicate any final tweaks to us.

By 10pm
Your site is turned on!

Get ready to bask in the afterglow! 

Once your website is live, you're finally legit! We promise: It's an amazing feeling. (Though we caution that you may be kicking yourself for waiting so long in the first place!). You can finally get those business cards printed up. You can send out an email to your list to announce your new baby. You can call that potential BIG client to set up a meeting. Enjoy your day in the sun! You deserve it!